Neighborhood church needs to replace a commercial air unit on their roof.  Adam’s Air comes to the rescue with a little help.

Evangelical Fellowship

West 49th Street

Amarillo, Texas


One of the 10 ton roof top units has given out, and can not be repaired, so our job is to replace one of the 10 ton commercial air units from Rheem.  Tied it into the system that is in place, and add specialty made transitions.  Church staff and leaders along with the congregation will be much for comfortable.


  • Take out old air conditioning unit, crane it out and replace it with new 10 ton unit.
  • Install new unit hooking up all gas lines and electrical and water supply with new float switch and PVC pipe.
  • Install new Honeywell thermostat, and making sure installed correctly, make sure church staff knows how to operate and use.
  • Turn units on making sure they are working properly and efficiently.
  • Clean up work area and make sure the area looks better when we began.