Coil Replacement at Home

Private resedence needing to replace both inside coil and condenser coil.  After going to home a few months ago and placing dye into system checking for leaks, and finding out the system is leaking, wo come out and do the proper work and install.   Give us a call for custom quotes or pricing from Adam’s Air, Amarillo, Texas


Private residence southwest of town in the Grayhawk area.


Our Task


Replacing both outside condenser coil and inside coil on top of furnace.

Skills Involved


  • Found leaks at an earlier time when we placed dye into system.
  • Disconnected all power to system.
  • Took apart outside condenser fan/motor and removed protective grill around damaged coil.
  • Another team went into attic to remove damaged coil from the HVAC furnace.
  • Replaced bad coil with new coil in attic and outside unit.
  • After all steps were complete made sure unit was functioning and working.