Introducing ductless heat and air conditioning systems.

When you have controlled  areas and no room for ducting, or if you are remodeling and don’t have the expense of putting ducting in, then ductless systems are your best bet.  The ductless systems are very energy efficient and are perfect for enclosed areas, new construction, and remodels.

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Office Building at 3226 Hobbs Road


The existing HVAC unit wasn’t offering the proper thermal control after sectioning the office to separate the building.  We installed a ductless HVAC system in this part of the office.  This offered the tenants better control and comfort for their heat and air conditioning.


  • Installed 4 separate HVAC ductless heat and air conditioning wall units.
  • Ran new wiring to accommodate the new system.
  • Ran new lines for heating and cooling fluids.
  • Hung outdoor unit on wall.