Vintage 1920’s home gets updated, and at the same time the small garage becomes an efficiently apartment, with state of the art, mini split system.

Vintage home in the Wolfin Area

Washington Avenue and Wolflin

Amarillo, Texas


Home owner was converting garage into an apartment for college student.  The apartment is small so we suggested a mini split system to be more efficient and take care of the heating and air.


  • Take out old coil, heater, and replace with new.
  • Take out old refrigerant and  remove outdoor condenser and replace with new equipment.
  • Hang mini split units on walls where home owner would like them.
  • Run copper water line and electrical to mini splits.
  • Place condenser outside and in this case we hung it on the wall to save room and secure it.
  • Make sure all units are working checking remote controls.
  • Turn units on making sure they are working properly and efficiently.
  • Clean up work area and make sure the area looks better when we began.