New barndominium built on private land.

Private land owner, install new Rheem HVAC in the families barndominium.

Get to job site and start install.  This will be a two day job to finish job.

*Draw layout of where duct work and HVAC will go in home.
*Get supplies and HVAC
*At job site start getting boots ready to hang, cutting any holes along wall of home for boots and Cody pipe.
*Hang the Hang-rite then the furnace, coil and plenums from the ceiling and the wall inside the barn/garage part of structure.
*Cut out where flex duct with go from HVAC to rooms inside home. Run flex.
*Connect all duct work with boots and back to HVAC.
*Install Rheem condenser outside of home.
*Run all componen’ts from out side unit, to inside unit.
*Connect all HVAC component’s together and test equipment.
*Make sure system is running correctly.
*Clean up construction site.