We also replace Air Ducts!

Here’s a good example of a recent job we did where our customer had some old ducts that were falling apart from their original build. We got them fixed up with brand new ducting for their home system. Usually this not only clears old dust and mold issues, but can also help the resident HVAC system run much more efficiently. We also clean existing ducts, too! Give us a call for custom quotes or FREE second opinions.

An Amarillo Home Owner

This home was built in the late 80’s and had a run down set of ducts due to old age that needed to be replaced badly.


This particular customer needed approximately 200 feet of new ducting. Not too bad for an afternoon’s work.


  • Removal of Old Ducts
  • Installation of New Ducts
  • Overhauled existing unit to guarantee good results
  • As always, leave the workspace cleaner than we found it