Air Oasis is a local company known world wide, because they want you to breathe cleaner air inside your home and office.  Adam’s Air is also a locally owned company that is Air Oasis preferred company to install their product.

Home owner was concerned with allergens and viruses that were in the home, and the family breathing all that into their lungs.

  •  Adam’s Air performed an indoor air quality test inside the home.  This takes about an hour for the test and a week for incubation.  Then see the results of tests.
  •  The family lets us install the Nano 9.
  •  In this case the vintage home’s HVAC is in the hall in a closet.  We see where the best fit is then start dis-assembling the unit and marking where it will go.
  •  The Nano 9 uses only 24 volts and plugs into a ordinary plug in wall.
  •  Our technician cuts into plenum to insert the Nano 9.
  •  Technician will then install Nano 9 parts to hold the UV in place.
  •  When then proceed to install Nano 9 and then silver tape it up to seal up any leaking air.

.  Our technicians are skilled in installing Air Oasis product.

.  The install usually takes about 24-30 minutes.

.  We make sure the unit is in working order and every thing is buttoned up.

.  Let the customer know if the blue light is on the unit is working

.  Clean up the work area and thank the customer.