Air Oasis and Adam’s Air, both companies locally owned and operated have joined together to bring the home owner the cleanest possible indoor air quality that you can have in your home!

Any home owner that has breathing issues with allergies, which could be caused by allergens, molds, bacteria and viruses in your home.

  •  First item is to allow us in your home for an hour to do an indoor air quality test.  It takes a week for the test to incubate, after results we can decide what Air Oasis product would work in your enviroment.
  • We recommend the Nano 9 UV light, that can take up to 99,9% of foulness out of your air.

.  Install the Nano 9 into your HVAC.  This usually goes into the plenum in your system.

.  The install takes less than 25 minutes.

.  We will let your Nano 9 run for 90 days and then come out and perform another indoor air quality test.