A loyal customer hires us to install mini split system in one of his properties.

  • Pick up all equipment for install, including having all proper tools for the job.
  • Install unit, from the inside out, making sure everything is in working order.
  • Start running line set from indoor unit to outside unit.
  • Part of the team on roof install the condenser and making sure line set gets hooked up to unit.
  • Test unit out to make sure all programs are running and heater is heating and running.
  • Clean up all trash and tools out of the business and load onto trailer and truck.

.  Our technicians are skilled in installing home and commercial mini splits.

.  This install lasted a day.

.  Getting new equipment to its proper location.

.  Install new unit making sure everything is in working order.

.  Explain anything the customer needs to know about the new unit.

.  Cleaning up install area making sure it is cleaner that when we started.