Multi level home gets two new complete systems and more duct work to cold rooms.

Twenty year plus multi level home gets two new HVAC.  One in the basement and one in the attic, plus to duct in rooms that were always cold.

Take old equipment out of basement, install new heater and air handler in its place and also a new filter base. old equipment from attic also removed.  Then re-deck attic for more room for new unit, installed with a Hung Rite.  Install all new Rheem equipment in attic and also install new return in ceiling and add new duct work and grills on large living area.

*Remove old heater, coil and air handler out of basement  closet and attic.
*Build new platform for HVAC and install new  Rheem into  attic space and basement closet.
*Make a new return location between kitchen and master bedroom.
*Install new duct into some of the home form more air and heat to go through other parts of house.
*Install new thermostat.
*Check out all stages of heat and air on new system making sure all components are in working order.
*Clean up job site making sure the area is cleaner than when install crew arrived.