New construction in the Strawberry Fields edition, southwest of  Amarillo.  This Omega Home is on Let it Be.

New home builder, Omega Homes.

  New construction on the home, Adam’s Air goes in after house is framed roofed, and before shingles and drywall goes in.  

*Lay out plywood and nail to studs in ceiling, which will be the platform to walk and work around equipment.

*Install the Hang-Rite which actually suspends the air handler, coil, and return from the attic roof.

*This home will need two systems, one of the master suite, master closets, master bath, and laundry room.  The other a larger system for the rest of the home.  We start installing Rheem equipment.

*Part of the crew starts installing the boots in each room so they can run and connect flex duct work to each  boot.

*Crew starts running duct from each  room boot toward the system.

*Connecting other end of flex to the air handler

*Run line set along the attic floor toward where the out side units will be and run line set all the way out to connect to outside condensers.

*Hook up all electrical and test system.

*Clean up all trash and left over flex and metal.