Local eight year old company, Green Gorilla, know for its vapes and E-Juices, “Come Vape with the Ape’, upgrades their HVAC, in their business.  A larger and more efficient Rheem system!

Green Gorilla

3300 S Washington Street

Amarillo, Texas


Our crew of seven went in at 10 PM, after the store closed.  Moved display cabinets and other items out of the way.  The job had to be completed before opening the next day.  Two complete systems taken out and new systems installed.  Take out old heaters, coils, and condensers, and replace with new and more efficient Rheem systems.  Job completed and store cleaned up and heaters running when we walked out at 530AM the next morning.


  • Take out old coil, heater, and replace with new.
  • Take out old refrigerant and  remove outdoor condenser and replace with new equipment.
  • Attach all duct work to plenums.
  • Get all HVAC equipment installed and connected.
  • Install new Nest, thermoststs.
  • Turn units on making sure they are working properly and efficiently.
  • Clean up work area and make sure the area looks better when we began.