One of Amarillo’s first skyscraper gets one of the offices updated with efficient mini split air and heat HVAC.

Petroleum Building

Local Internet Service Provider wants an efficient HVAC to cool down their computer room.


The best system is a mini split system that part can hang in the office, and the condenser would be out side.  All copper and electrical wire go up above ceiling tile and out outside to unit.


  • New Insulated copper
  • New Electric Lines
  • Drill into old spray foam insulation and clear path for new lines to go through stairwell and outside wall.
  • Running copper and electrical lines above hall way out into stair well and through the hole to outside unit.
  • Hanging unit brace and unit and connecting all wiring and copper to unit.
  • Connecting wiring to outside condenser
  • Testing equipment
  • Filling in opening in outside wall with spray foam insulation
  • Clean up all construction residue.