Classic home in the beautiful Wolflin area in Amarillo, Texas gets a HVAC and duct facelift!


Home owners want to sell this beautiful home on Ong in the Wolflin edition,  but need to replace decades old package roof unit, and replace it with 21 century condenser, coil, air handler and heater, plus pull brand new duct work through the house to each room and place registers into each room.

Our Task

  •  Package unit had to come down with a crane.  We had to cover the old air flow to the house from attic.  A electrician came in and ran electrical to the other side of home for condenser, then a roofing company was called to fix hole in roof and replace shingles.
  • Then we went to work, placing condenser down and wring it to the new electrical that was placed.
  • Ran copper from outside unit to the attic and connecting to the HVAC upstairs.
  • Install Hang Rite, then heater/air handler.  Then hang the two plenums, cutting round holes where returns will run.
  •  Two more installers start taking out all old duct work from the home.  After that was all taken away, they started laying out state of the art flwx duct and running from each room back kto the plnumms, and attaching.
  •  During all this we are running a vacuum on the outside unit, getting it ready for a test run.  Meanwhile back up in the attic we are now running PVC to the unit and hooking it up to drain pan, making sure all connections are correct.  Also, running B-Vent pipe from heater then out the roof for exhaust.
  • Cleaning up after ourselves and getting ready to test equipment.

Skills Involved

*Get supplies

*Get to job site, unload all equipment and take to job location.

*Removing old equipment and duct and replacing with new HVAC

*Electrician and roofer comer out to run electrical and fixing roof where old system was.

*Install new equipment and Re-build new ducting and set into place.