A fine customer of ours needed to get a heater exchanged out quickly.  Swap out the old one and replace it before the stores 4th quarter selling season starts.

  • Pick up all equipment for install, including having all proper tools for the job.
  • Get to job site quickly and start dis-assembling old unit.
  • Get old unit onto trailer and bring new one in for ceiling mounting.
  • Install unit, from the inside out, making sure everything is in working order.
  • Test unit out to make sure all programs are running and heater is heating and running.
  • Clean up all trash and tools out of the business and load onto trailer and truck.
  • Empty pan trailer back throwing out trash and taking old heater out for scrapping.

.  Our technicians are skilled in installing commercial heating systems.,

.  This install will be at least a 5-6 hour day at job site.

.  To men taking old unit out and installing new one.

.  Install new unit making sure everything is in working order.

.  Explain anything the customer needs to know about the new unit.