Adam’s Air, Summerization Time

It is that time oi year again the changing of the seasons where we hang up all the coats and pack all the sweaters and winter gear away.  It’s time to get the yard in shape and start the watering and fertilizing.   But have you thought of your HVAC system being ready for warmer and hotter weather?

Well first of all there are some items you, the homeowner can take care of before you call us.

  • Always change out your filters at least every two to three months.
  • Always use a stable temperature setting, one that will be good to all that live in the dwelling.
  • Check your ceiling vents to make sure nothing is blocking air flow.  You might also take them down one at a time to clean them off.
  • Test your thermostat and set cool to cool to ensure it is operating properly.

No call Adam’s Air for a Summarization.  We have over 30 objectives to look at while making sure your air condition will be working for you in the summer months ahead, only for $89.00, (this will not include any parts or fees needed to completer checkup).  Call us today, 806-316-1105