Vintage classic home on Martin road gets its first HVAC.  The home has beautiful hard wood floors and upgraded appliances, plus this home will keep it’s family warm in the winter and cool in the summer.  A great addition to the value of this home, selling from the French and Company Realtors.

Vintage home owned by French and Company Realtors, gets a brand new HVAC for the very first time.

  •  Install outdoor condenser and connect to the coil and furnace in the attic.
  •  Install coil, furnace and connect plenums onto the HVAC.
  •  Select proper locations for the registers to go into ceilings, and cut holes out.
  •  Place boots into ceiling and attach , then run ducting from each boot to plenums.
  •  Cut holes in plenums and attach duct.
  •  Run electrical and plumbing to system.
  •  Connect systems as one and run the system making sure every part is working.
  •  Install crew skill set is on point and know what needs to take place and in proper order.
  •  Making sure the crew leader has all proper tools, equipment and accessories to complete job.
  •  Order any parts needed to complete tasks.
  •  After install, run the system through a few cycles to make sure everything is running in the order it should be.
  •  Clean up work area, pack up, and leave.