La Paloma home gets new parts to warm their home in a better way !

Newer home, (less than 14 years old), the home owners system is already failing them. The blower wheel and motor assembly needed repleacing in a bad way.  The motor was rusted for some reason and the wheel blades were digging into itself!

  •  Disassemble blower wheel and motor away from the main unit.
  •  Take out motor and old wheel.
  •  Replace with new motor and new blower wheel.
  •  Re-install new part back in to HVAC.
  •  Inspecting the system, by running it and examining everything, also being a good listener and hearing things that should nt be making noises.
  •  Diagnosis what parts are needed and how much and let customer know.
  •  Order parts, then install.
  •  Turn system back on and let it run through a cycle or two making sure the system is working.
  •  Clean up work area, pack up, and leave.