Classic Wolflin community home gets an HVAC update.

Older vintage home in the Wolflin area in Amarillo is being remodeled.  The owner, who is a regular customer of Adams Air, wants to move the inside system out of the garage and place it inside in a closet.

Longtime Adams Air customer, purchase new house for the family.  It is being remodeled from a home last remodeled in the 1970’s.  We are to remove old equipment out of the garage, and replace with a new Rheem equipment in a closet inside of home.  We will have to make a platform for the unit and also add a new return air vent.

*Remove old heater, coil and air handler out of garage closet and seal up old location
*Build new platform for HVAC and install into new location
*Make a new return location off of closet.
*Get all HVAC to place inside closet and hook up to condenser outside.
*Install new thermostat.
*Check out all stages of heat and air on new system making sure all components are in working order.
*Clean up job site making sure the area is cleaner than when install crew arrived.