A radio station’s, AM transmitter wants to change out their very antiquated HVAC, with a state of the art, very efficient and energy saving mini spilt system.

  • Have trailer ready with all machines and other product needed to do the job, and get to the job site early.
  •  Off the technician’s take off sheet review the work area seeing what needs to go where.
  •  We had a four man crew including crew leader to sort and assign jobs to each crew member.
  • Two guys on demo, taking old metal duct work out of all and covering with plywood.
  •  Other members of crew unboxing units, and getting supplies to the right area’s.
  •  Two crew members start straightening out line set that includes copper and electric and water lines, and getting it ready to run and attach to the outside of building.
  •  One person making holes for all line set to enter into building where the two inside units are being mounted to the walls.

.  Our technicians are skilled in installing mini split systems.

.  This install will be a 10-12 hour day out on remote location.

.  One man on the inside units, two me running line set and a third running crew and             working on outside unit.

.  Get every unit installed and in working order.  Checking all functions of the outside condenser and inside units.

.  Clean up the work area and thank the customer.