An Amarillo family gets the works, with brand new Rheem equipment. That’s a 10 year warranty on parts and three parts on service. 

Amarillo Residence


Take out old heater, coil, and condenser and all old duct work and plenums and install new equipment which is more efficient.


  • In the attic take all old duct out, and install new duct through out attic to all rooms.
  • Take out old coil, heater, and plenum=, and replace with new.
  • Take out old refrigerant and  remove outdoor condenser and replace with new equipment.
  • Attach all duct work to plenums.
  • Get all HVAC equipment installed and connected.
  • Turn units on making sure they are working properly and efficiently.
  • Clean up work area and make sure the area looks better when we began.