Weather Planning With Your Air Conditioner

It’s been quite warm the last few days, and Adam’s Air have been getting quite a few phone calls, and the number one item on the list has something to do with the air conditioner.  Not cooling right, not shutting off, not working at all.  Well, we have some tips that we can do with a check up to help your HVAC work in the most proper way.

There are a couple of items you can do to make your system ready to go for the hot weather.  Make sure you change your filters every three to four months.  The more debris that’s in the filter the harder your system works, the higher your bill gets!  If you think your air conditioner is not working the way it should, don’t wait on it, call us, we will get out to your home and make everything better and cooler.

A couple of items to think about if your system isn’t cooling.

-Detecting Duct Leaks

Leaky duct works is a problem.  Leaky ductwork in a forced air heating and cooling system creates  problems.  The duct flows cool air from the unit to each room in your house where ever there is a vent.  If your works are leaking the system is pushing that cool air through the leaks into the attic and outside along with the money in each months electric bill!  An attic in the summer time can be 120-150 degrees, and that cool pricey air is going through the leaking duct works and that’s when you can wave your money goodbye.  The return and supply ducts are also pressure balanced, and if there are leaks, that nice cool air is shooting through your attic and at the same time that 150 degress hot air is coming into the duct works and then into your home.

-Blower Door Test

Adam’s Air and Duct Works can come out to your house and check your house and ducts for leaks with a blower door test.  Basically what happens with this test is a large fan, pulls the air out of the house through the blower door and with our equipment we can pinpoint outside air leaking through holes and cracks.  We locate the gaps and provide the tools to seal them.


At Adam’s Air and Ductworks, we are all certified to perform this test.  We are willing and able to help fix your HVAC for the hot summers and cold winters ahead. We are not a sales company, we are a repair company!  Call us today!