Dirty Coils Make for Breathing and HVAC Problems


If your air conditioner isn’t being maintained regularly, it may not be cooling as efficiently. Dirty and accumulated debris can block the coils and reduce their efficiency, which will cause them to wear out faster. The indoor evaporator coil may become dirty if furnace filters are not changed regularly.  In the pictures posted in this blog entry you can see a home where the hair, pet dander, dust, food particles, and regular home particulates have made what we call a sweater of your coil.   But this is not the sweater you want! In the High Plains of Texas, you should be changing your filters at least every 30 days. Dirty evaporator coils can cause your furnace and air conditioner to work harder and reduce efficiency.  And in the long run destroy parts of the HVAC or break down your complete systems.  A trained technician will be able to clean extremely dirty coils.  Please call Adam’s Air for us to come out and look over your coil and system.  806-316-1103


Indoor Air Quality in Your Home, ( what are your kids breathing at home).



Our company, Adam’s Air, is in Amarillo, Texas in the High Plains of Texas, which is in the Panhandle of Texas.  We have lots of wind and at times big time dust storms.   The dust leaves its mark on everything.  Your home, your car, the sidewalks, and driveways.

One hidden place the dust hides is your HVAC system.  No matter how much you think your home is shielded from the dust, it’s going to sneak in.  The ducts in your attic and ceilings push air and heat throughout your house.   They will also carry dust, viruses, bacteria, food and pet odors.  So many items that you and your family are breathing in.  So as a homeowner, what can do to seal up your home?  First make sure your windows are sealed from the outside.  If you have an older home the caulking sealing your windows will crack and break away.  Taking all that old caulk out and refilling it will help seal sir from coming in.  The air filter which is in your system needs to be changed out once a month.  This is so important in changing this out like clockwork.  This will help you breathe easier and less contaminants going through your home. Modern homes also have a return, and you will have to change the filter in that area as well.

There are many products that are made to help you breathe easier as well.  Electronic air cleaners, special UV lights, such as the Reme Halo, whole home duct cleaner that will get up to 99.9% of the indoor nasties that get in your home.  Air duct cleaning can help start the process of cleaning your home air.  Adam’s Air and our sister company, 806 Air can help you with your Indoor Air Quality.  Call us today.

So, what do you do?  Call the professionals at Adam’s Air Heating and Air.  We can look at your system, check all parts to make sure they are running the correct way and make sure the outside and inside coils are clean. We can also recommend products for cleaner air!  Call us today, 806-316-1103