Winter in the High Plains of Texas

   It’s the first week of November and we have a good 4-5 inches of snow under our belts already!  That tells us that we will more than likely get more snow and winter isn’t even officially here.  So, we were thinking of the top items that your heater is not warming your home as it should, and it seems it is working way too hard to keep up and still not heating your home.  One item you can think about, especially in older homes is how is the insulation in the attics?   I live in a 56-year-old home.   It needed some love and we decided to purchase it and fix it up.   After several 1000’s of dollars we thought we were good.  Ahh but we had an electrician up in the attic and he said there was less than four inches of insulation in the attic in some places none.  That got fixed quickly, now we don’t have those cold rooms inside anymore.  Oh, by the way, Adam’s Air does insulation!  Here are a few other items you need to be aware of and think about.

  • We do Winterization for free if you own your home.  It’s a 20-point check list of important items to make sure that when you do turn your heater on, it comes on and works and warms your home properly
  • Carbon Monoxide poisoning is deadly.  It is colorless, odorless, and tasteless.  It’s a silent killer. It is produced by the burning of gas, wood, propane, charcoal, or other types of fuel via combustion engines, appliances, or heating systems, it kills 400 people a year.  Every home should have at least two detectors with fresh batteries.
  • A simple item, and it’s the one of the easiest items that you the homeowner can do.  CHANGE THE FILTER!!!!!  When a filter is clogged it can break down the flow of heat and air and your system works overtime to make sure your home is comfortable.
  • How old is your thermostat?  If its older than 10 years you should replace it with an efficient and newer model.  This will help regulate the air at the right temperature all the time.
  • During our inspection there could be noises coming out of your system.  Could be several items, like a clogged coil or a fan motor and wheel caked with good old West Texas dirt. We can fix this at a minimal cost.
  • Dry Air is a problem with wintertime.  Humidifiers help place moisture in the air and it would be a great item to purchase.  Also, Adam’s Air works closely with Air Oasis, with their clean air products that work and are fantastic for clean fresh air. 

We want our customers to breathe easier this winter.  We want our customers to stay warm this winter in your own home.  Call us today to schedule your Winterization.