Its Fall Ya’ll! How About Some Decorating Tips

1. Pile on the cozy throw blankets

There’s a throw blanket for every season! Add one or more throws to the living room couch or your favorite armchair. Not sure how to style a throw blanket?
When the temperature dips, look for materials like faux fur and chunky knits, plaid patterns, and warm, rich colors. When in doubt? Lean into texture.

2. Change up your toss pillows

Nothing is cozier than snuggling into a pile of pillows on the couch. We have a very well-loved leather sofa and I love changing up the pillows to get different looks.
Same as the throw blankets, you’ll want to keep the season in mind. Use warmer colors and cozier fabrics for fall and winter. Pack away the light, bright, and breezy until spring.
And more is more! At least in our house. We’re a family of pillow hogs

3. Candles, candles, and more candles

The flicker of candlelight is almost instantly soothing. Whether you go scented or unscented is a choose your own adventure thing.
My hands-down favorite for any time of year is this gorgeous mix of citrus and sparkling sugar, but I also enjoy Macintosh apple, red currant, and anything smoky or leafy smelling. How about you? Are you team scent or unscented?
Regardless, add candles anywhere and everywhere for a cozy feel in your home.

4. Add home decor pieces that make you smile

Whether that’s family photos or a beautiful vase your best friend gifted you, choose your decorative accent thoughtfully. Sure, we all have filler, but it should be a supporting cast to the really special pieces.

5. Decorate your mantle

Or if you don’t have a mantle, decorate your shelves.
Skip the light, bright, and airy until summer. In the fall, aim for a fuller, more textured feel with layers of artwork, dried florals, candles (love those candles!), and found objects with a bit of wear to them.
And if you want to add in some pumpkins, I won’t be mad at you.

6. Add or change your curtains

A well-dressed window makes your home feel considered and cozy. Think about what fabrics make you feel good and go with those. Options include anything from rich velvet curtains in deeper shades of your favorite accent colors to moody florals to floaty sheers.
The key is to focus on the qualities that you find cozy and feel-good.

7. Decorate with plants

Adding plants will instantly make your home feel cozier. Just that lovely splash of life — even if you go faux — will give a warm feeling of welcome. For fall, try olive, eucalyptus, or maple branches. Or forage some from your own yard! It can make for a truly stunning look.

8. Accessorize with books and board games

Putting out reading materials and games to play will remind everyone to settle in and slow down. Decorating with things you use physically will encourage more analog interaction and fewer electronics.

9. Layer in accent rugs

And added layer of warmth under your feet will put that cozy feel through the roof. A few sheepskins or vintage scatter rugs go a long way.

10. Swap your bedding

Put away the gauzy white duvet and layer on those flannel sheets and oversized throws. Add a few accent pillows to make your bed look extra cozy and inviting.

11. Add a new welcome mat

A cheerful welcome mat in a classic plaid or with a cheeky fall saying is the perfect way to great guests who swing by for some hot cider.

12. Speaking of pumpkins, add some outside

There’s nothing cozier or more fall-like than coming home to a riot of pumpkins and cheerful mums on your front porch. Add them to the curb too if you’re feeling extra festive! Dried cornstalks will also give that autumnal vibe and carry you through to Thanksgiving.
If you don’t want to drop a billion dollars on a porch full of pumpkins, consider buying just one gorgeous statement pumpkin for your dining table or entryway.

Winterization 2023, Are You Ready?


Preventative maintenance is the key to ensuring you and your family’s comfort throughout the winter. We are offering heating system tune-ups for the Amarillo area. Our certified technicians will examine your system to clean out dust and dirt, inspect critical elements of your system and find any loose or worn-out parts for you. Many manufacturers even require these annual tune-ups as a part of your warranty. Adam’s Air Winterization™ is your best bet toward protecting your investment.

Adam’s Air Winterization™ means that your heating system will run better and last longer. Preventive maintenance is the key to protecting the investment of your HVAC system. The temperatures in the Amarillo area can be extreme and brutal and there is no reason that you should wait for your system to break down leaving you and your family exposed to the elements. Regular inspections before the weather gets rough can make all the difference saving you from furnace repairs under the most extreme conditions.

Polk Street Cruise 2023

The Polk Street Cruise of 2023 is in the books.  Every 1st weekend in August brings hot rodders and car fans together to celebrate the vintage cars and trucks and later day hot rods and trucks and motorcycles.  The Amarillo Corvette Club buts this together every year.  And as always it was a fun family time had by all.

Is Your Home’s HVAC Ready for the Hot Summer?

Temperatures are rising this week and it seems the humidity is around the High Plains. First, is your HVAC ready for the hot summer?  Do you change the filters regularly?  Hase Adam’s Air come out to your home for a summer and winter inspection of your system?  If you haven’t checked the boxes please call us.   Here are 10 items you can during these heat waves in Texas.

1.Raise the temperature on your thermostat to 75-78 degrees.

2. Use ceiling fans to cool your house.

3. Change your air filter at least every two months.

4. Heat food in your microwave

5-Hang curtains in larger windows.

6. Clean behind your dryer.

7. Skip the dryer altogether.

8. Switch to LED bulbs.

9. Seal cracks and openings

10. Turn down your water heater temp.



Why should I replace my existing HVAC system?

Replacing your HVAC system is crucially important to the working order of your home. As the years go by systems are becoming more efficient to help the user save on their monthly bills. In addition to your current system’s obsolete, less efficient nature, as time goes on your system is becoming increasingly less efficient because of normal wear and tear. Whether or not you’re properly maintaining your systems as they get older, they have to work harder, which causes your monthly bills to increase.