How Does Your Indoor Coil Get Dirty?

Build-up of dirt, pet hair, human hair, grease, and other items that float in your air will usually end up on your coil, blower wheel, blower motor and your filter.  So how do you know if your system is getting clogged?  First check your filter.  If it looks like the one in the attach picture, you more than likely have a dirty coil.  The first thing you can do is add a note to your monthly calendar, is to change out the filter.  It should be done once a month.  You can also call Adam’s Air for a Summarization.  This is a 30 point inspection we go through and give you the results of what needs to happen.

Signs of your coil needing looked at are,

  • Not enough cooling. You can crank your thermostat as cold as you want but your pushing air where air won’t go. The coil can’t breathe and your filter is clogged as well.
  • Inefficiency-If the coils are clogged. Then your spending money over and above trying to keep cool. It’s not helping.
  • Constant Running-If your system wont stop running, it could be your outside coils are dirty as well. This only does one thing, more wear and tear on tour system and higher energy bills.

So, what do you do?  Call the professionals at Adam’s Air Heating and Air.  We can look at your system, check all parts to make sure they are running the correct way and make sure the outside and inside coils are clean.  Call us today, 806-316-1103