Heat Exchanger and Cracks Cause Big Problems

So your carbon monoxide alarm goes off at bedtime, its cold outside and you don’t want to turn your heater off but breathing carbon monoxide is by no means healthy, so first thing you call the fire department, they will more than likely condemn your heater and shut the gas off to your home. Then you call us. Over heating in your furnace can and will cause cracks.

So what causes cracks? Your system over heats and it causes stress on the exchanger. The stress is from the expansion and contractions of the metal, and over time the heat will start making cracks. Now, how many times do we tell you to change your air filters in your HVAC? If you follow us on social media we bring it up quite often. NOT CHANGING YOUR AIR FILTER could cause damage to your heat exchanger. Please change your filter at least every three months, we go every two months in our home. A clogged air filter restricts air going though your system, and the system can’t breathe and results in stress cracks.

Now of course the worse thing that can happen when you have cracks is that it will make carbon monoxide, which can lead ot illness and often death of the occupants of the home. Infants and small children and the elderly are effected quicker in some cases. If you don’t have a CO alarm go buy one, in some cases the fire department will give you one at no cost. If you have a larger house you will need more CO alarms. Call Adam’s AIr if you want us to check your system.