Why should I replace my existing HVAC system?

Replacing your HVAC system is crucially important to the working order of your home. As the years go by systems are becoming more efficient to help the user save on their monthly bills. In addition to your current system’s obsolete, less efficient nature, as time goes on your system is becoming increasingly less efficient because of normal wear and tear. Whether or not you’re properly maintaining your systems as they get older, they have to work harder, which causes your monthly bills to increase.



Dirt, Dust, and Grime

So here we are in the first part of June.  Yep, we’ve had a lot of rain, and you’re thinking, surely their can’t be dirt and dust in the air.  Well maybe not yet but one thing we know about the High Plains of Texas is, the dust and the wind will blow and touch everything that is outside and many items inside your home.  We have placed four pictures of actual equipment from this area.  Top right shot is a blower motor and its dirty, (you should have seen the blower wheel)?  Top left is a filter that had not been changed in a very long time. Bottom right is an outside condenser.  This can get dirty as well.  Bottom is a bucket full of whatever came off the inside coil.  Hair, dust, dirt grime, pet dander and grease.  All from inside the home.  Two items you can take care of.  One would-be change the filter out at least every 30-45 days.  The outside condenser can be washed with a water hose, simple.  The other items you will have to call Adam’s Air at 806-316-1103