Frozen Coil is Telling You Trouble is Ahead!


           Has your air conditioner during these hot few weeks seem to not keep up with keeping the house cool?  If its not, there could be some problems that can turn into larger expensive problems.  Your inside coil that is attached to the HVAC could be frozen.  If you look at the attached picture, we pulled this coil out because it had frozen up so many times, that it needed to be replaced.  There are a few things that the homeowner can and should do that could save you money.  

  • Change air filters- This is the number one culprit that will block airflow during summer and winter.  When the filter is full it blocks air flow and makes your system work harder to supply fresh clean air.  Dirty filters mean added stress on your compressor and other components.  A new compressor runs from $1000- up and over to $1800., installed. Change your filter every three months and in peak times of summer and winter change it out once a month.
  • Low Refrigerant Levels- Your system could be leaking refrigerant. Low levels of refrigerant can make the evaporator coil too cold and it could freeze up.
  • Insufficient Fan Speed- The fan inside your home must blow fast enough to keep proper amount of air blowing over the coil.  A technician can increase the fan speed and most likely do away with freezing coil.
  • Thermostat Problems- The AC could run all night when it doesn’t need to do so.  This wastes energy and money and can freeze the air conditioner.   Have a technician check the thermostat for wiring issues or replace it with a energy or Wi-Fi model.
  • Drainage Problems- You have a drain pan under your unit which keeps the excess water coming off the coil.  When summer is here and your AC is working overtime, the water can sometimes back up because a drain might be plugged up.  A technician can come out and unplug the drain.  If this doesn’t happen the pan can leak over and the water ends up on your ceiling and eventually leak through to your house.  The water can also start freezing from pan and go all the way back to your coil.

     A couple of items you can do in your home and then call Adams Air and have us go over everything in the HVAC system.