Is Your Home’s HVAC Ready for the Hot Summer?

Temperatures are rising this week and it seems the humidity is around the High Plains. First, is your HVAC ready for the hot summer?  Do you change the filters regularly?  Hase Adam’s Air come out to your home for a summer and winter inspection of your system?  If you haven’t checked the boxes please call us.   Here are 10 items you can during these heat waves in Texas.

1.Raise the temperature on your thermostat to 75-78 degrees.

2. Use ceiling fans to cool your house.

3. Change your air filter at least every two months.

4. Heat food in your microwave

5-Hang curtains in larger windows.

6. Clean behind your dryer.

7. Skip the dryer altogether.

8. Switch to LED bulbs.

9. Seal cracks and openings

10. Turn down your water heater temp.