Summer. Will it linger for a while or fade away?

   This morning I was somewhat surprised to see the school zone flashing on the way to work.  I knew school was starting up again, but it took me by surprise.  I guess since our children are grown it’s not that ingrained in my head.    The reason I am bringing this up, is for these kids, summer is over.  When I was a kid summer lasted from the middle of May to the end of August, not anymore.  I love summertime, its my favorite time of year.  But this year has been brutal, with the three-digit temperatures and hardly any rain.  My lawn looked great in late May and mid-June, now it’s a dried and cracked wasteland!   And being in the heating and air business we have heard all the stories ,and we have been in 150-degree attics doing what we do to fix our wonderful customers , and we have heard all the horror stories of our customers trying to withstand the hot temperatures with no air in their home.   We feel for you and we try our best to get you scheduled so we can make you more comfortable.   We have worked long hot days, and by the end of the day we get to go home and get cool with our own HVAC.  In a way I am waving this summer so long, but I guarantee you, that first icy frigid air I feel from Canada I’ll be wanting summer back.  So, the guys here at the shop were talking along with Adam about how much time we have left before we gear up for cooler climates.  Most of us agreed that we will have a Indian Summer, and maybe by Thanksgiving we can have cooler weather.  Until then make the best of anytime you have off, even if its inside.  And remember, Adam’s Air will be with you in all kinds of weather, all you must do Is give us a call.