How Clean Is Your HVAC?

Your HVAC is the heartbeat to your home and business. Your car must have an oil change every so often, change out filters, air, and oil. And it needs new spark plugs, new tires, new brakes. So why do we forget about our HVAC, until you need it? We’ve been known to forget sometime as well, and it’s the wife that says, “I bet the filter needs to be changed.” That’s when we get out of the chair and change the filter. So, your HVAC needs to be thoroughly checked out at least twice and year, once before the summer starts and once before winter sets in. We us a 25-point inspection to make sure your system is working. Filters are first, that’s easy. We come out and check everything else. Like the blower wheel assembly and the coil. These two parts are vital that your system needs to be cleaned. And let’s not forget the duct works, the lungs of your system. They also must be cleaned out as well. We can do all this and more, making sure all the small bits are working as well. One call is all it takes. 806-316-1103.