806 Air Duct Cleaning, (new company from Adam’s Air!

Adam’s Air has a new company that you need to be aware of, and that is 806 Air Duct Cleaning and Indoor Air Quality. We have partnered up with Air Oasis and we sell and install their product, such as the Nano 9 and the Bi-Polar, two products that help eliminate pollutants in your home, including molds, virus, VOC’s, smoke oder, pet dander up to 99.9%.

Adam also invested in the RotoBrush, Blow Beast. This machine shown in the picture above has four powerful vacuum motors, paired with a 450 RPM brush motor. In short order your ducts will be so much cleaner. Go to our 806 Air-Duct Cleaning and like our page and comment. For an appointment for a quote on duct cleaning your home call us at 806-316-1103.

Mini Splits Will Save You $$$$ on Your Energy Bill

Why invest in a mini split system for your heating and air?

They are much cheaper to run, quieter, more environmentally friendly, require no dropped ceilings and they add immense resale value of  your home. They will also offer you the ability to heat your rooms as all multizone minisplit systems are also heat pumps.  

But while a mini split air conditioner is less expensive than a central air system, it’s still an investment, and it’s important to choose the right one. That means knowing how many zones and BTUs would work best, as well as what modes and other features would help keep your home as comfortable as possible.

Please call Adam’s Air so we can come to your home, and talk to you about mini splits and let us quote you a system for your home.  806-316-1103

Leftovers? Cornbread Stuffing Waffles and Turkey! Copy

A few years ago I was watching Diners, Drive In’s and Dives and came across a restaurant that made waffles made out of cornbread dressing and left over turkey. I had to try it and did and its fantastic! I decided to post the ingredients and how its made. Forget the syrup. Slice some nice white meat on top of the waffle, and cover it with gravy, then a side of cranberries!

• 4 cups crumbled leftover stuffing
• 2 large eggs
• Chicken broth or turkey stock, as needed
• Leftover cranberry sauce, for serving
• Leftover gravy, for serving

• Waffle Baker

Preheat the waffle baker and grease it with cooking spray.
In a large bowl, stir together the leftover stuffing and eggs. Add 1/4 cup of chicken broth and mix until well combined. Continue adding chicken broth as needed until the mixture is well-moistened.
Scoop half of the stuffing mixture into the prepared waffle baker, spreading it evenly. (The stuffing will not spread or expand like regular waffle batter as it bakes, so it’s important to arrange it in an even, thin layer.) Close the lid and let the waffle bake until golden brown and the egg is cooked throughout.
Transfer the waffle to a serving plate then repeat the filling and baking process with the remaining stuffing. Serve the waffles with leftover cranberry sauce and warm leftover gravy.
This recipe for leftover stuffing waffles works best with basic stuffings that don’t include large pieces of vegetables or meats such as sausage. It also helps to warm the stuffing slightly prior to mixing it with the eggs and broth so that the mixture is easier to stir.
Don’t repeatedly open the waffle baker while the waffle is baking or it’ll lose it’s shape.
Stuffing waffles take longer to cook than regular waffles, as the egg must be completely cooked throughout. Don’t be afraid to let the waffle bake until it’s golden brown and enjoy.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!