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How Clean Is Your HVAC?

Your HVAC is the heartbeat to your home and business. Your car must have an oil change every so often, change out filters, air, and oil. And it needs new spark plugs, new tires, new brakes. So why do we forget about our HVAC, until you need it? We’ve been known to forget sometime as […]

We Will Tell You Over and Over Again Until Its Part of You!

The ad in the upper left picture is an ad for changing out your air filter twice a year.  Now grant it, this add is from the late ’40, to early ’50’s, so that’s not the norm these days.  Here in the High Plains of Texas, the wind blows constantly, so we suggest you change […]

Commercial Package Units Need to Be Serviced Too!

The other day we had a call from a customer who had a shopping center.  One of his stores was having cooling issues and odors in the store.  We climbed up and first thing we noticed was the door to the unit was on the ground.  These door  are usually solid when you screw them […]

Hotels Need Adam’s Air Love Too.

  We’ve all stayed in a hotel at least once in our life’s, and we know when you get in the the room and there is no air or heat, we are not happy.   Well did you know a full service hotel energy costs are between 4-6 percent of total revenue.  These systems run 27/7, […]

Breathe Easier at Home

  If you have read our blogs or looked at our social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram and our Google page then you know we speak quite about indoor air quality in your home, and items you can purchase from us to help you breathe easier at home.  And we still offer these […]