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Reme Halo-Better Life, Through Better Air

How it works: The inventors in our research and development department are constantly studying the environment and the science behind naturally occurring processes. The adage that sunlight is a great disinfectant is true in several ways: its ability to create hydrogen peroxide and release it into the air, and the UV properties of sunlight help […]

Get Ready, Summer is on its Way!

      It is getting closer, and sure enough, you’ll wake up one morning and as the day starts you feel the heat starting to come into the home.  You crank the AC up from the thermostat and nothing happens.  We offer Summarization starting now and running until it stops getting hot.  We go […]

Integrity, Honesty, That’s What Adam’s Air is Made Of

When we started our company, we wanted to be different. There are a lot of HVAC companies in this town and in the area.  How do we stand out?  And then we started thinking about what companies we had worked with in the past.  How did they treat their customers?  Was the last company honest […]

How Clean Is Your HVAC?

Your HVAC is the heartbeat to your home and business. Your car must have an oil change every so often, change out filters, air, and oil. And it needs new spark plugs, new tires, new brakes. So why do we forget about our HVAC, until you need it? We’ve been known to forget sometime as […]

We Will Tell You Over and Over Again Until Its Part of You!

The ad in the upper left picture is an ad for changing out your air filter twice a year.  Now grant it, this add is from the late ’40, to early ’50’s, so that’s not the norm these days.  Here in the High Plains of Texas, the wind blows constantly, so we suggest you change […]