The condenser coil, (the one outside your home), is one of the most important parts of your air conditioning system.  The big job at hand for the coil is that it takes out the heat that’s been taken out of your home and moves it outside.  But when your coil is dirty with built on dirt and other pollutants, this causes problems with the performance of your system.  85% of our calls in spring and summer are restricted air flow.

Issues at hand with a dirty coil:

  • Air conditioner becomes less efficient.
  • The inside of your home takes longer to cool down.
  • The life of your air conditioner can drop 30-40%, and your system is not performing as it should.

So to improve airflow, turn air conditioner off. Go outside with a water hose and hose off the inside of the coil( you can do this through the top of the unit where the fan is located.  You can spray through the cage on the top of the unit..  Try and spray out as must dirt, leaves and garbage that has collected inside, then you can spray down the outside.  If you have a jet nozzle to put on the hose please do so.    This should take care of the outside unit.,  If problem persist please give Adams Air a call, at 806-316-1103.