WInterization ! Adam’s Air Wants to Make Your Furnace Work!

  Here in the Texas Panhandle you know winter comes in with a bang or a surprises us.  Your HVAC needs to be ready to heat your home before that first blast of cooler air come in or the first freeze!  First and foremost, always change out your air filter at least every three months.  If you smoke or have any pets you should change out every month.  And with Panhandle dust and contaminants in the air, a once a month change is imperative.

   If you can trust your husband or yourself to get up in the attic to check your ductwork for leaks of air, from holes, seams coming lose, and disconnections.   Adam’s Air can fix those problems.  On the average, 20-30% of air moving in ductwork in a home leaks!

  A programmable thermostat will help maintain the right temperature at the right time.  Adam’s Air can install a thermostat for you and can show you how to program.  With a stat like this, you can save on the average of $180.00 per year on your energy bill. 

  Call Adam’s Air for a Winterization of your furnace.  We will come to your home at no charge and go through a 20-point inspection making sure it is ready for the upcoming winter.  We make sure coil is clean, we check your blower wheel and motor, wiring connections, igniter, and other components.  If we do find items that are not working or need cleaning, we can quote you in the home to how much it will cost and how long the repair might take.   Call Adam’s Air today to schedule your free Winterization inspection, at 806-316-1103.