Dirty Coils Make for Breathing and HVAC Problems


If your air conditioner isn’t being maintained regularly, it may not be cooling as efficiently. Dirty and accumulated debris can block the coils and reduce their efficiency, which will cause them to wear out faster. The indoor evaporator coil may become dirty if furnace filters are not changed regularly.  In the pictures posted in this blog entry you can see a home where the hair, pet dander, dust, food particles, and regular home particulates have made what we call a sweater of your coil.   But this is not the sweater you want! In the High Plains of Texas, you should be changing your filters at least every 30 days. Dirty evaporator coils can cause your furnace and air conditioner to work harder and reduce efficiency.  And in the long run destroy parts of the HVAC or break down your complete systems.  A trained technician will be able to clean extremely dirty coils.  Please call Adam’s Air for us to come out and look over your coil and system.  806-316-1103