Get Ready, Summer is on its Way!




It is getting closer, and sure enough, you’ll wake up one morning and as the day starts you feel the heat starting to come into the home.  You crank the AC up from the thermostat and nothing happens.  We offer Summarization starting now and running until it stops getting hot.  We go over a 30-point check list making sure your HVAC is ready for the hot summer ahead.   We look at everything from the coil to the motor and fan, filters, and drain pan just to name a few.  On the outside unit, we will make sure the coil is clean and check amps and volts from the fan motor.  We also check compressor as well.  We want to make sure you stay cool this summer.  Call us at 806-316-1103.

Integrity, Honesty, That’s What Adam’s Air is Made Of

When we started our company, we wanted to be different. There are a lot of HVAC companies in this town and in the area.  How do we stand out?  And then we started thinking about what companies we had worked with in the past.  How did they treat their customers?  Was the last company honest in their work, pricing, and doing the correct diagnosis?  Were our superiors honest?  And the one thing that came to mind and what we wanted was integrity!   At that moment we knew the direction we wanted to take with Adam’s Air.  If we have true integrity, then honesty, will fall into place as well.  And the integrity will be passed to our technicians and install crews, and we will teach and practice what we learned from others what is important in being a man and a human, and how we can pass it on to our customer.

So here we are, going on eight years and still going strong.  But we want our customers to remember, ‘We’re not a sales company, we are a service company”.  Whatever we go out to your home, we will treat you with respect and honestly.  Here are some of the items we will do for you.

*Summarization- checking your system out and preparing it for summer.

* Winterization- checking your system out and preparing it for winter.

*Repairs on HVAC-We will diagnosis the problem first, then explain to you what we need to do and cost of the work at hand.

* Installation of new equipment.   This is what we do all the time.

* Air Duct Cleaning.  Not only do we have the most powerful air duct cleaner around, and with our experienced team, we will clean your ducts to make you breathe cleaner air.

* Indoor Air Quality products.  We carry many items for better breathing in your home or small office.


Call Adam’s Air today at 806-316-1103


How Clean Is Your HVAC?

Your HVAC is the heartbeat to your home and business. Your car must have an oil change every so often, change out filters, air, and oil. And it needs new spark plugs, new tires, new brakes. So why do we forget about our HVAC, until you need it? We’ve been known to forget sometime as well, and it’s the wife that says, “I bet the filter needs to be changed.” That’s when we get out of the chair and change the filter. So, your HVAC needs to be thoroughly checked out at least twice and year, once before the summer starts and once before winter sets in. We us a 25-point inspection to make sure your system is working. Filters are first, that’s easy. We come out and check everything else. Like the blower wheel assembly and the coil. These two parts are vital that your system needs to be cleaned. And let’s not forget the duct works, the lungs of your system. They also must be cleaned out as well. We can do all this and more, making sure all the small bits are working as well. One call is all it takes. 806-316-1103.

We Will Tell You Over and Over Again Until Its Part of You!

The ad in the upper left picture is an ad for changing out your air filter twice a year.  Now grant it, this add is from the late ’40, to early ’50’s, so that’s not the norm these days.  Here in the High Plains of Texas, the wind blows constantly, so we suggest you change your filters every two to three months.  If you do that, maybe next time we go out to work on your system, the inside of your blower wheel and motor won’t look like the one in the picture, or your used filters won’t be so full of funk that you won’t be able to see through them, or worse yet breathe!  Call us today.  Save your equipment.

Commercial Package Units Need to Be Serviced Too!

The other day we had a call from a customer who had a shopping center.  One of his stores was having cooling issues and odors in the store.  We climbed up and first thing we noticed was the door to the unit was on the ground.  These door  are usually solid when you screw them on, but this one was on the ground.  And by the way the inside of the unit looked it had been off for quite sometime.

After we got in front of the unit we saw wild life.  Pigeons had made a home inside the unit and made a huge mess.  The filters were ripped to shreds from the heat and the wind and elements.   We scooted the pigeon out and cleaned up the inches of droppings inside of the unit,(that’s where the smell was coming from).  We documented everything to send to the owner.  We also offered him a maintenance program, which can be anything the customer wants.  IN this case a quarterly maintenance  and a summarization and winterization each year.   Call us so we can come out and look at your home unit or your commercial unit.