Commercial Package Units Need to Be Serviced Too!

The other day we had a call from a customer who had a shopping center.  One of his stores was having cooling issues and odors in the store.  We climbed up and first thing we noticed was the door to the unit was on the ground.  These door  are usually solid when you screw them on, but this one was on the ground.  And by the way the inside of the unit looked it had been off for quite sometime.

After we got in front of the unit we saw wild life.  Pigeons had made a home inside the unit and made a huge mess.  The filters were ripped to shreds from the heat and the wind and elements.   We scooted the pigeon out and cleaned up the inches of droppings inside of the unit,(that’s where the smell was coming from).  We documented everything to send to the owner.  We also offered him a maintenance program, which can be anything the customer wants.  IN this case a quarterly maintenance  and a summarization and winterization each year.   Call us so we can come out and look at your home unit or your commercial unit.