Hotels Need Adam’s Air Love Too.


We’ve all stayed in a hotel at least once in our life’s, and we know when you get in the the room and there is no air or heat, we are not happy.   Well did you know a full service hotel energy costs are between 4-6 percent of total revenue.  These systems run 27/7, 365 days a year, and they do break down .  Adam’s Air do maintenance on many hotels in town.  This time around another burned out motor that cools the system down on the roof.

We try and hit the hotel early in the summer months so it won’t be so hot.  We picked a good morning her.  It was already heating up and it was just a bit before 9 in the morning.  Our technician  had the old motor off and the new one on for replacement in no time, so the guest of the hotel didn’t even know what was going on.  If you own a hotel and are not getting the service you need on your HVAC repairs, call Adam’s Air, we can come out and quote you a price on yearly maintenance.   Call 806-316-1103.