Dirty and Moldy AC Coils

 uncased-coilClean coil         dirty-sock-syndrome-moldy-coil  Dirty Coil



 We do live in a dry climate but inside your air conditioning system it’s totally different.   Here is what happens.   Cold gas is pumped through an air conditioner coil. A coil is made up of copper tubing with aluminum fins. The cold gas travels through the copper coil transmitting its low temperature to the aluminum fins, which are now chilled.

 Return air from the house is filtered and blown through the air conditioner coil fins, which are chilled. The filtered return air is chilled by passing over, under, and around the chilled aluminum fins and copper tubing. The chilled fins condense the moisture out of the return air, much the same as a chilled glass of water. The moisture drips off the fins down to a collector or drip pan, where it is drained away as condensate wastewater.

  If you don’t keep a good maintenance record on your HVAC it can and will get dirty, with dust, pet dander and more than likely mold. When your coil gets blocked up and covered with the above mentioned items, the system has to work harder and in time the coil will sometimes start collecting ice and stop doing its job, and usually it’s too late to repair, now you have to replace.Clean coil

 We have to get to the source of the problem, and it is usually a few things,.  Dirty equipment, a source where mold can live which is moisture, usually from the drain pan under your system,  The excess moisture collected off the coil ends up in the drain pain.  This will grow and develop mold, but calling Adam’s Air out to your home at least twice a year for a maintenance check can prevent this.

There are also products that will cut down on dirt and mold collecting and those are electronic air cleaners and a Bi-Polor system made by the local company, Air Oasis.  These two products alone, along with HVAC maintenance twice a year from Adam’s Air will keep your HVAC system running easier, smoother and keep your energy bills lower in the long run.  Call us today to let us take a look at  your air conditioning and heater system today.  It’s never too early to make sure your heater is ready to go.

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