Energy Saver and Effcient Programmable Thermostats

  Do you remember when you were a kid and you went on vacation for a week with your family and when you came home the house was really hot, because your Dad turned the air off totally while you were gone.  Those days are long gone of course because technology is all around us.  We have had programmable thermostats for the home for many years now, but our techs still go to a house on a service call and see older, out of date stats that should be replaced.  

Your thermostat is the brain of your heating and cooling system, your HVAC.  The thermostat has an effect on the energy you use and the efficiency of your system, and if used properly will save your household money, using less electricity and gas with your HVAC.

 Adam’s Air recommends a programmable stat in your home so you can control the temperature in the best way possible to save money on your monthly bill, and for the system to run the way it should and in an efficient way.  

 Examples of in home programmable thermostat:

                setratiosize640240-honeywell-thermostat honeywell-1


 We use the Honeywell Thermostats with most of the installations we do.  Both of these work very well and can meet the expectations of what you need in heating and cooling your home.Programmable stats can be programmed to use less energy while no one is at home, and be able to start your heat or air before you get home so your house is comfortable when you arrive. There are also thermostats that you can purchase that you can control at home or by your smartphone, via an app you download.

Examples of smart phone thermostats:

ecobee3-smart-thermostat nest_thermostat_iphone


These thermostats can be synced to your smartphone and you can control your HVAC from your phone practically anywhere in the world!   The latest generation of these types of thermostats can learn your temperature habits and will build a schedule around yours and program your HVAC to work harder or less when needed.  These marvels of the new age also changes programs with each season!  And independent survey shows installing and using these sort of programmable thermostats can save families 10-12% of their heating bill and 15% of their cooling bill.

Interested?   Give Adam’s Air a call for a quote on one of these fabulous thermostats today.  Call us, 806-316-1103

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