Fan Blower Wheel Must be Kept Clean

In your HVAC there is a blower and a fan that pushes heat or air out to your home, what ever the season might be, winter or summer. These blower wheels are designed to push air out. Any dirt on the blades will cause your blower motor to work harder. This makes your system draw more amps but pushes less air, and your system is less efficient. This of course makes your system get hot and lower the life expediency of your system. If the wheel and or motor gets really dirty your HVAC might stop working ! Maintenance is the number one item that should always be on the top of your list and Adam’s Air is the one to call. This is one of the many items we look at when we do inspections on your equipment. When it needs cleaning we will tell you, and we will clean it! For home owners, please PLEASE, PLEASE!!!!! Change your filters out, this is will cut down on dirt and hair collecting on the wheel and motor. Every three months is average, but in peak times we suggest every two months. Call Adam’s AIr today, 806-316-1103.