We Will Tell You Over and Over Again Until Its Part of You!

The ad in the upper left picture is an ad for changing out your air filter twice a year.  Now grant it, this add is from the late ’40, to early ’50’s, so that’s not the norm these days.  Here in the High Plains of Texas, the wind blows constantly, so we suggest you change your filters every two to three months.  If you do that, maybe next time we go out to work on your system, the inside of your blower wheel and motor won’t look like the one in the picture, or your used filters won’t be so full of funk that you won’t be able to see through them, or worse yet breathe!  Call us today.  Save your equipment.

Commercial Package Units Need to Be Serviced Too!

The other day we had a call from a customer who had a shopping center.  One of his stores was having cooling issues and odors in the store.  We climbed up and first thing we noticed was the door to the unit was on the ground.  These door  are usually solid when you screw them on, but this one was on the ground.  And by the way the inside of the unit looked it had been off for quite sometime.

After we got in front of the unit we saw wild life.  Pigeons had made a home inside the unit and made a huge mess.  The filters were ripped to shreds from the heat and the wind and elements.   We scooted the pigeon out and cleaned up the inches of droppings inside of the unit,(that’s where the smell was coming from).  We documented everything to send to the owner.  We also offered him a maintenance program, which can be anything the customer wants.  IN this case a quarterly maintenance  and a summarization and winterization each year.   Call us so we can come out and look at your home unit or your commercial unit.

Hotels Need Adam’s Air Love Too.


We’ve all stayed in a hotel at least once in our life’s, and we know when you get in the the room and there is no air or heat, we are not happy.   Well did you know a full service hotel energy costs are between 4-6 percent of total revenue.  These systems run 27/7, 365 days a year, and they do break down .  Adam’s Air do maintenance on many hotels in town.  This time around another burned out motor that cools the system down on the roof.

We try and hit the hotel early in the summer months so it won’t be so hot.  We picked a good morning her.  It was already heating up and it was just a bit before 9 in the morning.  Our technician  had the old motor off and the new one on for replacement in no time, so the guest of the hotel didn’t even know what was going on.  If you own a hotel and are not getting the service you need on your HVAC repairs, call Adam’s Air, we can come out and quote you a price on yearly maintenance.   Call 806-316-1103.

Breathe Easier at Home


If you have read our blogs or looked at our social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram and our Google page then you know we speak quite about indoor air quality in your home, and items you can purchase from us to help you breathe easier at home.  And we still offer these find products, from local vender, Air Oasis and other national products that we provide to you.  There is one that we have seen around for a few years and did not pay attention to them too much until they appeared in our homes.

Mrs. Myers Cleaning products are in my home right now.  I noticed right away they all have a very distinct fragrance.  Not overpowering, but nice.  And they perform as the product says it does.  Its not organic, but it does have natural product in it.  The important item it does not have are VOC’s, or volatile organic compounds.  What that is are the perfumes companies use in their cleaning products to make your home smell better.  Even candles have VOC’s..  All these items can cause in ‘some’ people breathing problems.  Even some allergic problems and irritations of the eyes, nose and throat.

Mrs. Meyers use plant based derived ingredients, essential oils, and other thoughtfully formulated ingredients.  Their product is safe for pets as well.  No harmful chemicals are found in the product that are found in other commercial products.

We are not getting paid for talking and writing about this product, but we want to inform you all these products.  Because we want you to breathe easier at home.  These products and our Air Oasis products will help you out.

You can buy these products on their website and locally at many retailers in town.

806 Air Duct Cleaning, (new company from Adam’s Air! Copy

Adam’s Air has a new company that you need to be aware of, and that is 806 Air Duct Cleaning and Indoor Air Quality. We have partnered up with Air Oasis and we sell and install their product, such as the Nano 9 and the Bi-Polar, two products that help eliminate pollutants in your home, including molds, virus, VOC’s, smoke oder, pet dander up to 99.9%.

Adam also invested in the RotoBrush, Blow Beast. This machine shown in the picture above has four powerful vacuum motors, paired with a 450 RPM brush motor. In short order your ducts will be so much cleaner. Go to our 806 Air-Duct Cleaning and like our page and comment. For an appointment for a quote on duct cleaning your home call us at 806-316-1103.